Kojo Prince is a comedian with one make you laugh. Not witty, not thought provoking or all! His humor is fast, superficial and appeals to the common man..or woman..or both (you know what I mean). Accompanied with his physical humor and act outs along with his unique facial expressions, this is a show you don't want to miss!

Regardless of the matter, Prince is a professional on and off the stage. Kojo comes from a long line of performers with his Great Grandmother working in Vaudeville, Grandmother as an opera singer, and Mother (Falumi Prince), a featured singer with Harry Bellefonte.

Kojo Prince was born in NYC and raised in New Jersey. His first appearance as a Comedian was in 1992, at the Village Gate - located in Greenwich Village, NY. He has been making 'em laugh ever since then! And from that point on, he knew where his heart lied - on stage performing in front of an audience.

To date, Kojo Prince has worked with such entertainers as Katt Williams, Mike Marino, Uncle Floyd, Vic DiBetteto, Jeff Norris and Eddie Griffin to name a few. Kojo has also performed in many of the premiere comedy clubs and venues such as The Laugh Factory, Catch A Rising Star, The IceHouse and the Apollo Theater. A constant professional that maintains his focus and pleasant demeanor off and on stage. All of this is branded by three things taught to him by his late Mother, and reinforced by his mentor Bob Gonzo..Be profesional, be polite and always be early  because the show must go on.